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About Us

Why Jonny Roxx?

When you think of a quality jewelry store, you think of the typical nonsense that accompanies the traditional jewelry store. As a customer, you end up not only paying for the ring but the high-priced rent location, the expensive decor, the high-pressure sales person, and all that nonsense. Jon Parke recognized this in 2011 and was inspired to create Jonny Roxx, a local jewelry store with the highest quality products.

Jonny Roxx History

Jon was born in Utah and went to SUU for college but after he graduated, he had the amazing opportunity to travel the world. From Sierra Leone to Mumbai, Jon always found himself attracted to places where he saw jewelry mines and visiting small jewelry stores. He fell in love with the craft and as a 26 year old, he found himself in California where he got his degree at the Gemologist Institute of America. He opened a small store in Salt Lake City but after a few years, he was drawn back home where he opened JK Jewelers with a few partners. After a successful five years, he decided to go in his own direction and opened his own business: Jonny Roxx.

Creating Jonny Roxx

From the name to the homey-feel of St. George, Jonny Roxx was Jon’s proudest accomplishment. “It just felt really personal, not only because it had my own name on it, but I felt like I was doing exactly what I love. I loved the little pun in the pun in the name too…” Jon says. Because of all the places that he’s traveled to, Jon was able to connect with unique and interesting people which fueled his passion for giving. After opening Jonny Roxx, Jon traveled back to Sierra Leone where he was involved in a program to improve the local community through education and employment: “I feel very fortunate to wake up every morning and do something I love in a place that I love.”

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